All machines in the cluster need to have the same time and date settings, including time zones.集群中的所有机器都需要具有相同的时间和日期设置,包括时区。

Use ofthe Network Time Protocol (NTP) is highly recommended. Many cluster services are sensitive to time(e.g. HBase, Kudu, ZooKeeper) and troubleshooting will be greatly eased if time is consistent across allhosts. Doing the following will enable the NTP daemon:强烈推荐使用网络时间协议(NTP)。许多集群服务对时间很敏感(例如,HBase、Kudu、ZooKeeper),如果所有主机的时间都一致,则故障排除将极大地简化。执行以下操作将启用NTP守护进程:

(RHEL/CentOS 6)service ntpd start

(RHEL/CentOS 6)chkconfig ntpd on

(RHEL/CentOS 7)systemctl start ntpd.service

(RHEL/CentOS 7)systemctl enable ntpd.service

Note:Chrony may be preferred on newer operating systems.

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